Human and Scientific Integrity, the basis for Trust

If I do something new, I discover something, which I state and proof to others, because I have seen it.

Thats my Integrity, nothing more and nothing less! May you believe.


To know which decision is wise in communities because it has been proven in the past, you trust. But it needs to be educated (Mentoring).

Most likely the oldest advice comes from the "Golden Rule or law" which means the reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. It is a maxim of altruism seen in many human religions and human cultures.

The Law protecting the Moral Rights belong to the strongest!

Risks in stability:

If to many people believe something new, more than a critical mass, society may swap.

Worst case:

Moral Values are not a Profit for anybody.

To betray has no effect (having no integrity), because there is no sense for moral and consequently no responsibility,. The result is a lack of trust.

You may find pure Anarchy, mobbing or corruption but most likely No Humanity.

and if Systemic...



Comes along with the Rules from Moral duties and Integrity, to make decisions accordingly. So Society or a community can trust/believe in these common values.


Humbleness, the source for recovery.